Benefits of ECPhA accreditation

What is the added value of ECPhA accreditation?

All applications submitted to the ECPhA for accreditation are reviewed according to very high-quality criteria and by pharmacists and technicians active in the field.

Accreditations done by ECPHA  therefore means that the CME/CPD activity provided is of high scientific value, is free of commercial bias and promotes active adult learning.  This is of paramount importance to pharmacists  who need to report to their National Accreditation Authorities on their CME/CPD activity over a certain period of time, and this even more now that many national systems are (becoming) mandatory and not voluntary.

As all ECPhA accredited events are published on the ECPhA platform, participants can easily find an ECPhA accredited event to attend according to their field of interest. By attending an ECPhA accredited event, they will be able to obtain ECPhA credits. By handing in their ECPHA certificate to their National Accreditation Authority with whom ECPhA has signed agreements, their credits will automatically be recognised and converted into national credits. 



ECPhA is establishing a system for accrediting lifelong learning education in pharmacy in Europe and internationally.



ECPhA’s goal is to help improve the quality of continuing education in pharmacy practiced in healthcare settings across Europe via accrediting live and online lifelong learning events throughout collaborating with national healthcare professional associations and accrediting bodies.


ECPhA applies high quality standards in the assessment of available educational programmes, which address the needs and current practice of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and the pharmacy staff practicing in Europe and worldwide.